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Internal Hatred

This image suddenly flashed in my head while watching a movie, maybe a residual of other art work I watched earlier. It's got nothing to do with the movie story or visuals however.

Internal Hatred is about the hate that people keep inside while showing a calm pretending shell on the surface and don't release that hate steam pressure by forgiveness or forgetting. It keeps developing inside, until one day it penetrates that calm pretending shell and erupts outside, could be in the form of a rage of anger, uncontrolled action, or an offensive saying that hurts our dearest people.

Don't let your internal hatred develop or control you, forgive and forget.

The metal surface is the shell under which we hide our hatred and emotions and which we use to pretend things other that we really feel. The tentacles are the hatred erupting from under the pretending shell when we can't hide our feelings any more. The flesh showing underneath in the middle is the reality we hide under the shell which actually lives and interacts with the emotions we hide and keep inside.

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