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General Information

My name is Yasser Hassan. I live in Egypt and I hold a B.Sc. in Electronics and Computer Engineering and a Master of Business Adminstration (MBA).


I started with computers in 1986 in both programming and graphics (and playing games) using the low computing power available at that time on my dear Sinclair ZX Spectrum+ (with a mighty 48KB RAM and and a super fast 4.88MHz Z80 processor). I wrote a simple Assembly game in 1987 which did not see the light because of what we call in Egypt "Thanaweya Amaa" (high school graduation) which is the nightmare of most of the Egyptian families. I've always been a self-learner. Years later, programming and graphics turned from a hobby into a profession. In 1994, I started working in graphics and logo design. In 1995, I worked as a full-time C++ programmer in a software house and a part-time 3D animator in an advertising agency at the same time. By time, I focused professionally on software and kept graphics as a hobby or as an assisting skill for software projects. A couple of years ago as I started turning old and wise (hopefully), my focus started to shift more on business and management in general, and the business side of software in my work. I exposed myself to systems analysis and design, project management, and other areas that are less techincal.

Areas of Interest

  • Entrepreneurship, Business, and Management
  • Stock Trading and Personal Investment
  • Project Management
  • Information Technology:
    • Software Development Methodologies and Frameworks
    • Software Development for Web, Desktop, and Mobile
    • Business Management Systems:
      • Enterprise Resource PLanning (ERP)
      • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
      • Business Intelligence
      • Business Process Management Systems
      • Data Visualization
      • Enterprise Portals
    • Open Source Software
    • Offshore Software Services
  • Computer Imaging: 3D Computer Graphics, Architectural Visualization, and Graphics Design
  • Health & Fitness
  • Nutrition
  • Interior Decoration
  • Self Development
  • Literature
  • History


I work in Egypt as a software consultant and contractor where I provide services in the area of software solutions consultancy and development. I cover both the business and technical aspects of software systems development. The main areas I work in are e-business solutions, e-commerce, e-learning, and online services. Practically, I get heavily involved in all aspect of the project including analysis, design, programming, and graphics design, either by supervision, research, or implementation.

Typically, I work in developing database-driven web solutions and Windows applications on the classic Windows platform as well as the .NET Framework, in addition to building web and Windows applications based on Microsoft servers like MS SharePoint Portal Server and MS Content Management Server. Technically, I work in ASP, ASP.NET, PHP, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Visual C++, Visual Basic, database design and implementation, XML, Macromedia Flash, and other technologies. I do not work in graphics design, but it's a great plus in my work to have this skill to be able to deal with the graphics designers because graphics is a main part of the web development field. I have a lot of references out there on the Internet.

The short of things, I am more of a generalist and I usually do not limit myself to one area of work. With a background in different areas, I prefer to work on a broad scope mixing technology, art, business, management, and fun. Also I'm currently getting more into business and management in the software/IT industry.

Technical Skills

The following list includes my major programming and graphics skills:

Software Application Development

  • Visual C++
  • Visual C#
  • Visual Basic.NET / VB Script
  • Microsoft SQL Server / MySQL
  • HTML / JavaScript / jQuery
  • XML


  • Autodesk 3ds max
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Corel Draw

My Web Presence History

This is my 5th personal web site in more than 10 years. I launched my first site "Project: Man Kind" on May 3, 1998 and was hosted by Geocities. Its main theme was about 3D artwork based on some ideas about the human behaviour.

After more than a year, I decided to change my site. I kept the sections and structure, but changed the spirit and concept of the site. The new title was "beyound creations" and the site was mainly about my digital imaging artwork. I'm quoting the following paragraph from my old site:

"Why beyond?
The name "beyond" referes to what's beyond the limits of our world, dreams, and imagination, and beyond any limits. Worlds that are only limited by the limits of our imagination, and even beyond."

"beyond creations" lasted for 2 years then I decided to move to my third web site which you are in now. You can view some of the splash images I used for that site here.

My Favorite Music

  • Sayed Darwish (1892-1923): A brilliant music composer and song writer who deeply influenced the modern Egyptian music. I'm not a fan of him, but I do respect him because he expressed the pains and concerns of Egyptian community almost like no other.
  • Ahmad Mounib: The late Ahmad Mounib was a pure voice from the land of gold. He was a Nubian folk musician whose songs carry a value and reflect the Nubian culture.
  • Sha'ban Abd El Rehem: A folkloric Egyptian singer and one of the most controversial singers in the scene. Personally I do not listen to him, but I respect him because he is one of the very few Arab singers who really say something in their songs (most Egyptian and Arab singers sing only and repeatedly and solely and utterly about love between man and woman and nothing else regardless of the loads of problems and challenges their nation is going thorugh, and sing about other national subjects only when there's an occasion or event).

  • David Arkenstone and Diane Arkenstone: Talented music composers who can take you to real and imaginary worlds.
  • Angels of Venice: Beautiful ethereal music.
  • Mehdi: Clear, energitic, relaxing, soothing, influencing.
  • Mick Jagger: He's original!
  • Guns N Roses: For the memory of the good old days!
  • Blank & Jones: A smooth relaxing trance music that can take you to far worlds.
  • Creed: Very deep and carefully scripted songs.
  • Tracy Chapman: A singer and songwriter with a very clear and powerful voice.
  • Enigma: Need I say more?
  • Era: Ethereal, evocative, and enigmatic music.
  • Magna Canta: A new age band with great lively beats.
  • Roger Waters: His songs carry opinions, criticism, observations, and sometimes mockery.
  • Pink Floyd: ...Pink Floyd!
  • Metallica: A metal band that used to be good, but not anymore.
  • The Beatles: One of the phenomena of the modern time. Their movie "The Yellow Submarine" is one of my favorites.
  • Iron Maiden: The calssical heavy metal band.
  • Medwyn Goodall: Music for dreamers.
  • Hans Zimmer: Simply put: A genius. If you watched Gladiator then you already know his music.
  • Loreena Mckennitt: Great celtic artist.
  • Chris Rea: Have you ever seen anyone singing in dignity like this guy?
  • Chris de Burgh: "The Storyman".
  • Deep Forest: African enigmatic music.
  • Oceania: New age music with their own style.
  • Camel: Hear the wise man talking.
  • Savatage: They don't only sing, but have something to say.
  • Linkin Park: They are angry... very angry!
  • The Cranberries: Deep words with nice music, still make you think.
  • Tanita Tikaram: A deep warm voice with cultural diversity.
  • Amethystium: As they describe themselves: Ranges from dreamy and relaxing, to more upbeat.
  • Dream Theater: The right ingredient to complete the recipe.
  • Tool: A sort of a test or R&D music lab that almost always comes out with strange but nice things.

  • Pyotr Ilich Tchaikovsky (1840-93): A great music composer whose music is full of life, emotions, and vitality.

My Favorite Movies