Welcome to my world. I am Yasser Hassan from Egypt and this is my little corner on the Web. This web site is a showcase of my digital artwork, professional work, thoughts that cross my mind, as well as information about me and my experience.

I work in Egypt in the field of informtion technology and software solutions and development where I handle different aspects from analysis and design to development to project management. In my free time, I'm a 3D computer graphics hobbyist and I have many other interests.

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  • Gallery: Some 3D and 2D digital artwork I make in my free time.
  • Services: What I do.
  • Thoughts: Talking to myself, some reflections to share.
  • Downloads: Some software and other stuff I make in my free time.
  • References: Some references and work samples for projects I participated in.
  • About Me: Some information about me and a brief resume.
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